Carss Park Artist in Residence

29 October – 22 December 2019
Carss Park Artist Cottage

Works in progress, and in-situ, while in residence.

Relief prints on Torinoko paper

‘Containment lines’, relief print on Torinoko paper

‘Do they owe us a living?’, six relief prints on paper

Do they owe us a living?
In 2019 I carved the letters of the alphabet out of rubber to make a set of stamps; I made ‘Do they owe us a living?’ with the offcuts of rubber left over from this project. Each offcut suggests the memory of the letter it was carved from, as well as possibilities for experimental mark-making.

Each of these six prints is a simple gesture describing how nothing can be something. This work is about the hidden labour in being unproductive; the dignity in being discarded; the work in not-working. I dedicate it to unemployed workers all over the world.
’Course they do, ’course they do!

‘A kind of invisible skin’, relief print on paper roll

Work in progress during the residency

2019 projects

Nov–Dec: Carss Park Artist in Residence
November: ‘Untitled (x’s)’ and ‘Para no sentierme solo, por los siglos de los siglos’, SNO 165: l.a.n.g.u.a.g.e, Sydney Non Objective

Sandstone portal, front and back, at Carss Park

© Emma Davidson 2020