Wall poem 1

18 June – 26 July
Hurstville Museum and Gallery

‘Wall poem 1’ was made with phrases, sentences and fragments of text from old copies of National Geographic magazine, which I cut out, photocopied, and placed in an envelope. I selected text randomly from the envelope, and used hand-carved alphabet stamps to print them onto a large sheet of paper.

Thanks to my friend Anwen, who collaborated with me to make this work.

The theory of moral equivalence (X,O; O,X)

3–25 October
The Dragon’s Lair, Hurstville Museum and Gallery

2020 projects

May: Other Worlds online zine fair (experimental, coronavirus-proof online zine fair website by Other Worlds collective, of which I’m a member)
July: Wall Poem 1, Artbomb: connect + create
October: The theory of moral equivalence (X,O; O,X), In the Park

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