11 January – 5 February

Woollahra Gallery at Readleaf

Curated by Ruark Lewis
Sydney Non Objective

YOU/Bridges #10 split zine

Released February 2023

Luke YOU invited me to make a split zine with him, and I said YES. 

My side of the split is the 10th issue of my irregular zine Bridges, and contains a story about Antarctica, the moon, and how ‘we’ became artists.

The drawings on my side of the zine were made with electronic typewriter ribbon. Some have secret messages in them, all are chance drawings, most were drawn while David Attenborough’s 1979 documentary series ‘Life on Earth’ played in the background. I got through 12 one hour episodes of ‘Life on Earth’, and did a few more without Sir Dave’s accompaniment, so these drawings took ~13 hours to complete.

Luke’s zine YOU has been made EVERY WEEK since 2001. This issue contains reflections on dog vertigo.

Long live zines, long live split zines.

Other Worlds zine fair poster

I designed the poster for 2023’s Other Worlds zine fair (which I also help organise with a bunch of excellent people).

The poster was risograph printed by Glom Press in coral and black soy ink. Thank you, Glom x

Other Worlds mural

MP Fikaris invited a bunch of zinesters and comic artists to paint a mural on the side of Gigi’s pizza shop in Newtown, NSW.

My Again! Again! Again! Again! Again! is about photocopying, printing, persistence etc.

Thank you Fikaris for organising this, and to the others who worked on the wall: the amazing Claudia Chinyere Akole, Lizzy Nagy and Meg O’shea.

The First Day of Summer

A big split zine put together by Luke You to celebrate the first day of summer.

Contains the beginning of a story I’m telling about the history of my mum’s side of the family in Australia. This first part of the story is about memories of my great-grandfather and Maroubra.


Peter Jones invited me to contribute to an edition of home-printed artist journal/zine Pebble – thank you Peter, and Pebble creators Mitch and Mitch.

My prints are portraits of two familiar molecules, made with a customisable self-inking stamp.

‘OHH’ is a diagram of how oxygen and hydrogen atoms are arranged in a water molecule, and a sound you might make in a moment of disappointment, surprise etc.

‘SEE OH TO’ is an infamous product of cellular respiration, and a nostalgic yearning to see, oh, to see etc.

© Emma Davidson 2023