Again! Again!

A zine (and art) distro, again.
All prices postage paid Australia. Please email for international postage.

Phonemes – Risograph prints

Unlimited editon prints of a series of collages I made c. 2009 called ‘Phonemes’. Risograph prints (soy ink) on A3+ (329 x 483mm) newsprint, printed by Helio Press in 2019.

Postage paid. Will be posted rolled in a tube.

Note: These are non-archival prints. Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid disintegration. Expose to direct sunlight to encourage disintegration.

YOU/Bridges #10 – split zine

A split zine with an edition of YOU by Luke You on one side and Bridges #10 on the other. YOU is about dog vertigo, Bridges is about Antarctica and the moon.

YOU has been made once a week, every week since 2001.

Bridges has been made sporadically since 2018.

Both zines are free, if you order this split you will only be charged postage.

Untitled – Risograph prints

Two untitled prints, limited edition of 30, initialed and dated. Risograph prints (soy ink) of collages made in 2017.

Gold and black ink on A4 (210 x 297mm) cream-coloured, acid-free paper.

Postage paid. Will be posted flat on card backing.

Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

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