Poster for Other Worlds zine fair, 2023

Graphic for Workers Solidarity bulletin, 2020

Other Worlds zine fair 2020 online flyer, 2020

‘Strange lodger, mass migrations’, The Lifted Brow issue 45, 2020

‘Ode to hobbyists’, digital print, 2018

‘Untitled’, The Lifted Brow issue 35, 2017

‘All call themselves “me.”’, The Lifted Brow issue 32, 2016

‘Untitled’ (graphic for an issue of YOU zine, by Luke You), 2018

Poster graphic for a production of Thornton Wilder’s ‘Our Town’, TARA Anglican School for Girls, 2015

Album artwork for ‘The Cold War’ by Slow Minutes, released by You Need To Practice More records, 2016

Album artwork for You Need to Practice more compilation album ‘The hundred year war’, 2016

‘Keep it in the ground’, artwork for climate strike protests, 2019-20

Pages from ‘Omnia Sunt Communia’, published in If we all spat at once they’d drown, 2015


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