Waverley Art Prize

24 September – 3 October

Bondi Pavillion Art Gallery

My 2021 piece ‘Friday on the Moon’ was a finalist in the 2022 Waverley Art Prize.

In order to go to see

24 September – 6 October

The work in this show is part of an ongoing series exploring the cultural, linguistic, graphic and historical associations of the colour International Orange.

Photos by Tim Ungaro.

The British Empire of the Victorian era was enormous and diverse. At one end of the political spectrum was India, where Britain ruled as heir to the Mughals. On the other end was Pitcairn, a dot of an island in the southern Pacific Ocean of less than two square miles whose population, descendants of mutineers and their Tahitian companions, peaked at around two hundred. In between were constellations of red swaths, blotches, and dots on global maps that represented British possessions on every continent save Antarctica.

– Caroline Elkins 
Legacy of Violence
Sometimes I feel like Fletcher Christian.

– Mekons 
Sometimes I Feel Like Fletcher Christian
There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate.

– Kathy Acker
quoted in Chris Kraus After Kathy Acker

This book, which I ordered from London and reread a thousand times, filled me with longing to see with my own eyes the strange continent, last Thule of the South, which lies on our maps and globes like a white cloud, a void, fringed here and there with scraps of coastline, dubious capes, supposititious islands, headlands that may or may not be there: Antarctica. And the desire was as pure as the polar snows: to go, to see – no more; no less.

– Ursula K. Le Guin
There are those who would impatiently ask, “What is the use of it all?” The answer is brief. Bound up with the mystery of the seventh continent are volumes of data of vital importance to science, and economic problems which may become of the moment in the near future.

– Douglas Mawson
The Home of the Blizzard

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