International Orange

10–20 November
Factory 49

International orange is a name given to several reddish-orange or orangish-red colours used primarily in aerospace engineering, shipping and other industrial settings. It is the colour of the paint on the Golden Gate Bridge, the colour of Advanced Crew Escape Suits designed by NASA for use in early astronautics, and the colour of the Australian icebreaking ships Aurora Australis (retired) and Nuyina. International Orange is the title of an ongoing project to explore the political, social and aesthetic associations and resonances of the colour international orange.

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Typing pool

4–6 June
Kogarah library exhibition space

Open the window; open the door

22–6 June
Kogarah library exhibition space

This iteration of Typing pool was installed in the Kogarah library exhibition space for the [Un]contained Festival. I looped a continuous piece of paper through three typewriters (teal Olivetti; yellow Adler; orange Brother), and asked festival-goers to help me transcribe found text onto the loop.


  1. Randomly choose a piece of text from the box.
  2. Transcribe the text onto the paper loop, using one of the typewriters (up to three people can type at once).
  3. When you have finished typing, put the text into your pocket.

Repeat these steps as many times as you like.

Typing pool artist statement.

Accompanying Typing Pool, Open the window; open the door consists of prints on Torinoko paper and paper rolls, which I made while artist in residence at Carss Park in late 2019.

Well I wonder / A map that interrupts itself

22 May – 6 June
Kogarah library exhibition space

“The work in these cabinets dates from when I was a student at Sydney College of the Arts, researching my Master of Fine Arts (2009–10). During that time, I collected a range of found text and images, which I used as the basis for zines, artist books and installations. I present this work here as an insight into how my work has developed over the past decade.”

2021 projects

Typing pool for [Un]contained Festival
Well I wonder/A map that interrupts himself and Open the window; open the door, Kogarah library exhibition space

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